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In order for your virtual deeds to have a real world impact in protecting endangered species, you need to purchase Conservation Cash or Gold with real $ or complete advertiser offers. We invite you to play the game for free and we believe you'll fall in love, but remember that for our non-profit partners to benefit from your gameplay, you need to spend real money or complete any of the offers displayed below. Learn about the challenges faced in saving endangered species while helping our non-profits do just that! Play to protect!
How do I Start a Park?
When entering MyConservationPark, your first park is for the Tiger mission. To start other parks to protect other heros, navigate to the "Map" tab and click on the badge in the world map that corresponds to the hero you would like to start protecting!
How do I conquer a New Challenge (i.e. a Threat)?
When you are in Play mode, new challenges and goals will be presented to you along with a brief description of what you need to do to conquer that challenge. Find the threat, click on it and watch as one of your "friends" (e.g. a ranger, a firefighter, etc.) moves across the board to defeat that threat. You will know that your friend is moving to defeat the threat if the disc under them turns white. The colored icon in the upper left of the gameboard represents the current challenge you need to address. Mouse over to learn what you must do to defeat it.
What is the difference between Play and Decorate modes? How do I switch between them?
While in "Play" mode, new challenges will appear that you have to overcome in order to save and protect your hero. In this mode, your Eco-system and Hero levels will be affected by your success.

In "Decorate" mode, you can create a haven for your hero! Play is frozen when in this mode, so that you can rearrange your board filled with things from the store such as people and creatures, trees, water, watchtowers, sheds and foods.
Can I control what my hero (i.e. tiger, gorilla, orangutan, etc.) does?
You cannot control your hero, but you can control characters highlighted in green (i.e. with a disc under them that is colored green).
How do I win?
There is no finish line in My Conservation Park. The game is about generating karma while having fun and benefiting the good work of our non-profit partners. You advance in the game by conquering challenges and keeping your Eco-system and Hero levels in the green!
What can I do in the Store?
In the store you may purchase additional items such as plants, tiles, food and water for your hero, characters and decorations to add to your park. Once purchased, these items will be immediately dropped on your gameboard.
How do I buy more Good World Gold or Conservation Cash?
Adding funds to your bank account is simple. Just click the "Bank" tab, select the "Get More Gold" or "Get More Cash" tab, then choose a preferred method of payment. Payment options include PayPal, Credit Card, bank transfer, mobile payment, home phone payment, prepaid card and more. You may also "gift" Good World Gold to your friends playing the game. Gold or Cash purchased are available to you within seconds.
What is my Tribe?
Your Tribe includes your Facebook friends who are also playing MyConservationPark. You will see their Facebook profile photos along the top of the gameboard. Share MyConservationPark with all your friends to add more people to your tribe!
Can I play with my Facebook friends?
Absolutely, the more the merrier! You may post purchases and achievements on your Facebook wall and gift items to friends. You may also see where you stand in relation to the members of your tribe by comparing scores. You can even play your friends parks - jump in, check out their parks and help defeat challenges. Compete for the greatest Real World Impact!
What is my profile?
Your profile shows you a measure of the Real World Impact that you have on your missions. Every time you spend Good World Gold or Conservation Cash earned through offers, Good World Games will donate a percentage to one of our non-profit partners who work hard to help your hero in the real world. Visit our partners’ websites to see your good karma at work!
Can I earn Good World Gold?
You may earn Gold through the completion of offers or by purchase. Through game play you are only able to earn Conservation Cash.
How does the Impact bar at the bottom of the gameboard work?
The Impact bar shows the cause you are currently defending, your Gold and Cash reserves, your Hero and Eco-system health levels, and the non-profit partner that will be benefiting from donations. Characters, structures, other items and your success in overcoming threats all affect your Eco-system and Hero levels in different ways. While the addition of a tree on the board might increase your Eco-System level, a poacher could harm your Hero level.
How is my game play helping to save animals?
When you spend Good World Gold in MyConservationPark, a percentage is donated to one of our non-profit partners associated with a given animal cause. You can learn more about a particular organization by clicking on their logo where it appears in the game, or by visiting the "Map" tab, selecting a particular animal cause and then clicking on the "Our Partner" tab.
Do I need to pay to play MyConservationPark?
No, you may earn Conservation Cash through game play by defeating and overcoming threats and creating an ideal environment for your hero. Purchasing Good World Gold for real money is available to you as an option. The majority of the items in the store may be purchased using Cash only.
Can I start more than one park?
Definitely! You can have as many parks as there are animal missions represented by pins in the "Map" tab.
Is this game appropriate for children?
Absolutely! Not only is MyConservationPark suitable for children, there are many learning opportunities scattered throughout the game. A better understanding of wildlife and the issues affecting ecosystems throughout the world is just a game away. See Terms of Service for further information regarding children playing the game.
How can I receive a receipt for my purchases?
No, sorry.
Will I receive a tax-deductible receipt for donations to a non-profit associated with a park?
No you will not, since Good World Games is making the donation from a portion of revenue it receives from in-game purchases.
The game is not working for me. How can I contact tech support?
If you do not find the answer to your problems here or in the tutorials, please feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form below this section.
I have purchased items for my park but my hero is still suffering. Why is that?
Remember that there is always a multitude of ways to protect your hero. In addition to being free of outside threats, your hero also needs food, water and space to thrive. Learn more about hero’s needs by visiting its world map pin in the "Map" tab.
Can my Facebook friends see when I am playing MyConservationPark?
You choose when or what is posted on your Facebook page. When you gift friends items through MyConservationPark, the items will show up on their Wall. Don’t hesitate to share info about our non-profit partners with your friends. The wildlife they serve to protect need all the help they can get!
Going after a threat
In order to get the Good World Crew after a threat, simply click on the threat (poacher, harpooner etc...) and the appropriate Crew-member will jump into action. If you do not have the appropriate Crew-member in your park then nothing will happen until that Crew-member is hired from the store.
Buying an item from the store
In order to add an item to your park, simply click on the Store tab, then browse through and purchase any items you would like to add to your park. You can purchase multiple items at once before returning to your park. Out of funds? No problem, visit the Bank tab to refill! Don't like where the items were placed on your board? Just switch to "Decorate" mode on your bottom control bar and move the items around!
How to switch between Parks
In order to switch to another park you are managing, navigate to the Impact Bar located below your Park. You may also pick from different Missions and learn more about each in the "Map" tab.
How to buy Good World Gold or Conservation Cash
If you need more Good World Gold or Conservation Cash, navigate to the Bank tab and purchase some using your preferred method of payment. Any purchases will be available immediately.
Adding people to your Tribe
You can add Facebook friends to your Tribe by clicking on them in your tribe bar. Build your Tribe and share your good Karma all on Facebook! As your friends join the game, they will automatically be linked with you.
Conquering a challenge
When a challenge is completed, a bubble will pop up above the interaction letting you know that you have been successful and the corresponding reward. Some challenges might make something disappear in your Park (for example, when you arrest a Poacher, the Poacher will disappear from the board); while other challenges require you to add or replace something to your Park (plant a tree or replace a polluting factory).
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